Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms

There are many advantages of renting or buying a smaller home. Small homes are easier to clean and cheaper to maintain. But with small homes come big headaches. Where you save on expenses and chores, you lose square footage.

And often, one of the smallest rooms in your house happens to be one of the most used: your bathroom.

With limited wall and floor space, small bathrooms present many design and decorating challenges, including a lack of storage.

You need to maximize every available space to get the most out of your tiny bathroom.

A few smart styling tricks can make your miniature bath look and feel more spacious. Make a big impact on any tiny space with these simple renovation ideas.

Simple Color Scheme

The quickest way to visually expand a room is with a fresh coat of paint. Dark hues close off a room and make it feel crowded. Lighten things up with shades of blue, green, gray, or white. Pair light paint with large floor tiles in a similar color for an amplified feeling of airiness.

Extended Mirror

Use mirrors to reflect and refract light. This will create the illusion of a bigger, wider, and more open space. Also, try extending your mirror out past the vanity and along the wall. This tactic elongates the room, and as an added bonus, it offers enough space for two people to use the mirror at the same time.

Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks are great space savers. They take up less room than traditional vanities and cabinets. Consider installing the fixture in the corner to open up the area even more.

Wall-Mounted Vanity or Trough Sink

Uncover additional floor space by mounting your vanity. Or why not ditch the vanity all together? Trough sinks are narrow, sleek, and low-profile. You can mount this appliance to the wall of your bathroom. Freeing up space beneath your sink or vanity allows more room for storage and foot traffic.

Wall-Mounted Toilet

A wall-mounted toilet uses the same concept as a wall-mounted sink or vanity. You just mount your toilet above the bathroom floor. By getting rid of the center pedestal and hiding the upper tank, you will make the room a bit less crowded.

Euro-Style Wet Bath

You can create a wet bath by placing a showerhead directly above the toilet and installing a large drain in the middle of the floor. It's basically one big, open shower.

These types of bathrooms are quite common throughout Europe. They make efficient use of a small space by eliminating costly

 and crowded shower surrounds.

Glass Panel Shower

If a wet bath is too extreme, consider a frameless sliding shower door instead. The clear glass enlarges the room by providing unobstructed views of the entire space. Plus, sliding doors recover square footage usually taken up by the swing of traditional

 hinged doors.

Door-Mounted Towel Bar

Free up some wall space by relocating your towel bars to the back of the shower door. You can still keep your towels handy while using the space better.

Custom Shelving

Now that your towel bar is out of the way, use your walls for storage. Floating shelves create storage in an easy and stylish way.

 They accommodate most spaces; just anchor them to the wall with invisible brackets.

With the versatility of floating shelves, you can use those dead spaces above the toilet and hiding in the corner. Customize your

 shelves, and use them for storing extra toiletries and linens.

Try out some space-saving solutions and maximize the functionality of your bathroom. The goal is to create an atmosphere that is open, light, and airy. Don't let limited square footage limit your design options.